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Cleaning out the Windows Installer database

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Sometimes you can’t remove an installed application through the Programs and Features list. This usually happens because the application was not successfully installed in the first place or because you’ve manually deleted the application from the file system. In these situations you may experience that Windows Installer won’t allow you to reinstall the application or to install a newer version of the same application. The problem is with the Windows Installer database: it contains data stating that the application is installed, but the instructions for removing the data and the application has been lost.

Fortunately, Microsoft Windows Installer Clean Up comes to the rescue. This component is a handy tool for cleaning out the Windows Installer database. Once installed and started it will list the installed programs on your machine. You can then select the program causing trouble and Windows Installer Clean Up will remove the application from the Windows Installer database (but it will not remove the application from the file system etc.).

To download Windows Installer Clean Up go to